Welcome to the Fadedmc store!

Payments and how to make them:
Credit/Debit Cards:
When completing your purchase, choose PayPal as the payment method. When you are taken to PayPal, click the 'Pay with a debit or credit card' - From there you'll be able to pay for your items directly with your debit/credit card.

Parental Notice:
We at Fadedmc do not condone or influence your child to take drugs illegally; all drugs used should be sold over the counter by a licensed physician by use of an official prescription. This server is intended to be fun; allowing people to roleplay in a job role that they'll never have outside of this server.

This store exists to allow your child to donate to ensure our continued survival. In exchange, we offer a variety of cosmetic perks and server wide perks which serve the purpose of enhancing their overall gameplay on the server. These cosmetic perks and server wide perks are not needed to play the game; they are provided purely as add-ons.